• arts course
    Students in the arts course focus on English, modern and classical Japanese, and the social sciences. Other areas of study include maths, sports, art, IT, music and nutrition. Extra lessons are available on a voluntary basis on weekends and in summer school.

  • science course
    Students of the science course focus on maths, biology and chemistry. Other areas of study include Japanese, English, sports, art, IT, music and nutrition. Extra lessons are available on a voluntary basis on weekends and in summer school.

  • intensive course
    For students who aspire to top universities. This advanced course is for students who aspire to Japanfs top universities but want a broader education than is provided in many elite high schools. Yamamura International High School provides surplus lessons to help these students fulfill their academic potential, while also providing the rich and varied opportunities for which the school is famous.

  • life design course
    The life design course has been designed for those students who wish to focus their studies on key vocational skills. The course has three branches - nutrition, fashion and preschool education.

  • fashion
    Extending the long history of the school, with its continued success in national design competitions, students study contemporary fashion and the history of fashion in order to inspire innovation, as well as designing and honing the fine artismanship to make their own clothes in the schoolfs fashion design rooms. Designs include kimono, business fashion, high street and glamour. There are several fashion shows throughout the year and students compete in national contests.

  • nutrition
    Partnering with the Ladies' University of Nutrition, Yamamura Kokusai provides advice and lessons tailored to develop professional skills in dietary, food preparation and nutrition. Students will have the support and opportunity to take professional diplomas in the respective fields.

  • preschool education
    In collaboration with our affiliated tertiary education college, Yamamura College, we offer practical lessons and training towards qualifications to hold coveted qualifications to work at nurseries and kindergardens. Expert lessons and advice givve our students the advantage they need in this competitive and essential profession.
  • club activitiesclub activitiesclub activitiesclub activities

    Culture Clubs:

    • Japanese calligraphy
    • English
    • art
    • tea ceremony
    • film
    • cooking
    • photography
    • biology
    • clothing
    • broadcasting
    • welfare
    • flower arranging
    • rock and pop live groups
    • wind ensemble
    club activities

    Sport Clubs:

    • dance
    • yosakoi training
    • soft tennis
    • track and field
    • basketball
    • volleyball
    • blowpipe
    • soccer
    • futsal
    • kendo
    • iaido
    • baton twirling
    club activitiesclub activitiesclub activitiesclub activities
    club activitiesclub activities
    8:30-8:40 Short Homeroom
    8:40-9:30First period
    9:40-10:30Second period
    10:40-11:30Third period
    11:40-12:30Fourth Period
    12:30-1:15Lunch break
    1:15-2:05Fifth period
    2:15-3:05Sixth Period*
    3:05-Short Homeroom
    3:15-3:30Cleaning duties
    3:30-Club activities
    * Fridays: Long homeroom