**2017 - 2018 Schedule **

28-8/8Canada Study Trip

20school introduction day
23-25school experience day
25-30summer school second session

1start of second term
9-10school festival
22-27visitors from San Diego (homestay)

1-7school excursion to New Zealand - first group
2-8school excursion to New Zealand - second group
5autumn excursion first and third years
15school introduction day
24-27internal examinations

14prefectural holiday
19school introduction day
23school open for interviews from prospective students and carers
23national holiday
25speech contest
26school open for interviews with prospective students and carers

7-9end of term examinations
15appreciation of the arts excursion
16school introduction day
17school open for interviews from prospective students and carers
24end of term
25-28school open for interviews from prospective students and carers
25-28winter school first session
26-28British Hills English Trip

4-6winter school second session
9start of term
10start of study leave for final year students
22entrance examinations
23entrance examinations
30entrance examinations
31-2/3carer and teacher meetings

1-3carer and teacher meetings
11national holiday
18EIKEN testing
24farewell performance for final year students

3graduation ceremony
5-8end of term examinations
17explanation presentation for 2018 entree students
22end of year ceremony